How Diabetes Happens – How it Impacts Body Mechanism

Diabetes Happens

You must have often read our articles in which we discussed many things related to diabetes like some Ayurveda remedies for diabetes as well as we had shared some other symptoms and remedies of diabetes with you but today we will talk about such topic which is ignored by everyone and you must be wondering about it, Well, our today’s topic is “How diabetes happens – A Guide to its biological reference”.

Now after reading the title some of you must be confused with the word “biological reference” Right? It just means that “what exactly happens inside our body mechanism that lead to diabetes or its type”.

How Does Diabetes Happens – What Is The Effect In Our Internal Body in Pre-diabetes?


Whenever we eat something, our body stores carbohydrates, proteins and other nutrients from that food or simply digests it, we call these by a name of calories as well. For a Normal Person Calories doesn’t mean anything or they don’t even know their importance in comparison of those who are fitness freaks who counts calorie on per day basis, which is a good decision especially when you have to keep your body healthy and strong from inside.

Although calories are required for our survival but you must have heard that quote that “excess of anything is bad”, the same thing also applies to our body because if we consume carbohydrates or other things in excess (means excess calories than usual), then our weight will increase somewhere and with increase in weight we become obese.

As a result, that will lead to adverse effect on our pancreas because pancreas is the only organ that produces insulin in our body, so by eating more carbohydrates and more fatty things and more unhealthy food (which is not rich in nutrients), our pancreas has to make more insulin.

Making lots of insulin leads put a lot of pressure on our pancreas, due to which the functional ability of the pancreas gradually decreases from time to time and there comes a time when the pancreas fails to develop insulin completely for our blood sugar, either pancreas develops limited amount of insulin which is not sufficient to reduce the sugar level our body, As a result, we develop the condition of diabetes.

What is the relation of insulin when diabetes happens?

Insulin is the only hormone in our body that, when produced by pancreas, it separates the unnecessary sugar from our blood so that our body gets required sugar only which it turns maintain the blood sugar level in our blood.

If we are in the grip of diabetes then what side effects Occurs in our body?

When get diabetes, our blood becomes very thick, i.e. We can say that the amount of sugar in our blood is much more than the required level, as a result of which we get many physical problems which are further aggravated to other diseases and causes our death in some circumstances.

The major diseases caused by diabetes are as follows:-

  1. Heart disease – Mostly Cardiac Arrest.
  2. Brain Stroke – Brain Nerves get blocked due to severe diabetes level.
  3. Kidney Failure – Happens Commonly in Diabetes.
  4. Eye disorders – Mostly Glaucoma.
  5. Arthritis – Pain in every joint of the body.


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What Should We Do If We Want To Avoid Diabetes?

There are many ways to avoid diabetes, we have already written an article in this regard, and you can read it through the link given below.

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What is the Current State Of Diabetes

If we take into account the latest statistics of diabetes, then approx. 463 million people around the world are suffering from diabetes, let’s have a look in the statistical-graph given below:

Diabetes Happens: Statistics Data

From the above graph, you must have understood that India is the only country after China in which account for about 77 million people who are suffering from diabetes. You can imagine how serious the diabetes will be in upcoming future If we have not taken any remedial step against it.

Conclusion: How Diabetes Happens

As time goes by, one out of every 5 has diabetes. But we also need to pay attention to this thing that if diabetes is under-control then you can lead a normal life with diabetes in which you will not even need any Allopathic treatment. Also, for the prevention of diabetes, we will advise you to treat your diabetes through Ayurveda such as “Kadwa Amrit”, which will be a simple and beneficial decision.

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