How Uncontrolled Diabetes Can Impact Our Kidneys

Diabetes causes kidneys Disease

Do you know diabetes can be more dangerous than we think? Well, here’s how it ruins our life by impacting our kidneys because When we have diabetes, our insulin levels become uncontrollable which in turn makes us prone to many diseases such as High blood pressure, cardiovascular disorders, liver & kidney disease, etc. The most affected organ by diabetes is our kidneys. But Wait! Before you, panic let’s dig into the detail about it.

How Diabetes Affects Our Kidneys?

Now if you are estimating the effectiveness of Kidney Disease then were going to tell that it’s worse because Diabetes impacts our kidneys by damaging our blood vessels. When our kidney’s blood vessels get damaged as a result kidneys will not be able to clean out the waste materials from our blood. Your body will store an unnecessary amount of water and salt in the blood.

As your Kidney functions got affected by diabetes it will increase the risk factor of cardiovascular diseases up to 70%.

How much percent of Diabetic patients are prone to develop kidneys Disease?

According to the medical Administration, the Person having type 1 diabetes is 30% prone to develop CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) in comparison to the one who has type 2 diabetes are eventually prone to between 10-40% of Chronic Kidney Failure.

The Early Signs and Symptoms of Kidney Damage due to diabetes

Now here comes the real pain for which we need to be focused. Let’s Read it Further!

The early Signs and Symptoms of Kidney Damage are Increase in Creatinine and Urea profile (Increase in Albumin). So it is important to get your test done at the earliest in order to prevent kidneys from further damage. An Increase in the Creatinine and Albumin in the area due to diabetes will eventually give rise to the other problems as follows

1. Increase in the Blood Pressure

Don’t you think that Blood pressure disease has nothing to do with Kidney Function? If yes then you are wrong and We’re going to tell you why. Improper Functioning of kidneys increases our blood pressure level and having higher blood pressure than certified criteria will often lead to heart disease, Brain Stroke, etc. So, it is important for us to regularly check our blood pressure levels otherwise it could be a big blow.

2. Swelling on Ankles or other Body Parts

This is the most common symptom in the patient who suffers from chronic kidney diseases due to diabetes. As our kidneys are unable to filter and flush out waste material from our blood in form of urine as a result it gets collected in our Body Organs which further causes swelling.

3. Atrial fibrillation

Now that’s the worst case if we have Diabetes+kidney disease because that often causes heart palpitations or we can say that irregular heartbeats. But this condition gets worse when our kidneys got affected by diabetes and it takes the shape of Atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation is a condition where our heart is no longer pumps normally and can lead to Cardiac Arrest.

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4. Inflammations in Lungs

The CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) causes inflammation in our lungs under which the waste material or water gets collected and thus, causes breathlessness and swelling along with chest pain.

5. Nausea and vomiting

When the level of creatinine and urea increases in our kidneys, we have Nausea and vomiting, so it is very important that we should pay more attention to our diet in order to reduce the adverse effects of Nausea and vomiting.

6. Decrease in the Urine Output

The Lack of urine output is also a sign of kidney failure, in this condition our kidney is not able to expel urine in sufficient quantity. This will eventually Increase the creatinine levels and as a result, it causes renal failure.

Conclusion: You should Now put this thing in your mind on Diabetes is not a disease, it is the root of many diseases, in which complete kidney failure is a common thing, so it is important to control our blood sugar level (diabetes) in the early stages as to prevent kidney damage and other diseases. This will prove to be the main step to protect from other diseases caused by Diabetes.

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