Top 7 Foods to Avoid If You are Diabetic

Diabetic Foods

Whether you are trying to control your diabetes or putting your efforts into preventing its complications your nutritional value always needs to match the Anti-Diabetic Criteria. And do you know that the best medicine that saves you from developing other diabetes complications is the diet itself. Many Nutritionist experts help diabetic patients to understand what type of food they have to eat and in what balance.

But in this pandemic, we know how much it’s difficult for you to discuss diabetes plans with experts in a convenient way. Well, that’s why we at Smartveda are here to share with you the Food that are the Culprits of Diabetes, and You Need to avoid them if you want a joyful life with Lots of sweetness, Oh! Not the diabetic sweetness by the way. And by reading the below tips, we guarantee that you will be benefited after implementing them.

Why we are Giving Stress to “Avoid Foods If You Have Diabetes or If you are diabetic”

Well According to a Study Conducted by the Indian Diabetes Association, People who are suffering from diabetes are 4 times likely to die of cardiovascular disease or may even experience life-threatening stroke attacks. It’s even more dangerous for those who don’t follow the proper diabetes control diet and as a result, it can lead to nerve damage, heart disease, or chronic kidney disease.

OK so moving on to the next phase of our article, if you want to live your life like normal without developing further complications of diabetes. So Avoid These Five Foods which are as follows:

Sweet Carbonated Drinks:

You need to first compromise your taste with Avoiding Sweet Drinks normally refer to regular sweet iced teas, pop/soda. These are prime culprits in increasing your blood sugar level. These carbonated drinks are loaded with huge amounts of sugar and calories and contain no nutritional value. So, it is better to replace these drinks with sugar-free drinks like water, Vegetable juice, Sugar-Free Strawberry Limeade, etc.

Whole milk

Another Food which you should avoid is Whole Milk, it contains too many fats and carbs and when added with sugar it becomes a nightmare for a body that is already suffering from diabetes. So, too many carbs and trans-fat will lead to weight gain, and as a result, it will make it harder to control diabetes levels.

Although there is so much controversy behind the use of whole milk, the recent study states that consuming whole milk more often will lead to autoimmune response because it contains A1 beta-casein along with bovine insulin. We have seen its impact on especially in genetically compromised children who have human leukocyte antigen complex. This type of autoimmune response produces antibodies against the pancreatic cells. By destroying it could give a direct invitation to type 1 diabetes.

Hot Dogs:

Eating hot dogs weekly will double your saturated fats and sodium intake. If you are diabetic you must avoid eating hot dogs often. Now you must be thinking that what saturated fats and sodium has to do with diabetes? Well, that has a deeper connection than your imagination.

When someone takes saturated fats and sodium beyond the certain limit that will lead to adverse effects on the bloodstream i.e. the cholesterol levels LDL level which could be the cause of increasing diabetes level and can end up worse possible consequences of Brain Stroke or sudden stroke death.


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Junk Food and Baked Potatoes:

We know that junk food and even baked potato have that effective taste for which you can compromise everything. But there’s another side of reality for which you should not compromise which is your blood sugar level no matter if it’s junk food. These have low nutritional value and high in calories, Fats, and Carbohydrates. So, it is recommended that you should have to stop your intake of junk food completely. But look, completely means completely because we know the taste of your buds it changes from time to time.

White Bread

Avoid Diabetic Foods

In Diabetes, You can have bread but there’s a catch “not white bread”. Yes, it is because white bread is a refined grain, no whole grain which straightaway means that there is no significant nutritional value. When compared with Brown bread it has a high glycemic index and can directly lead to a huge spark in your blood-sugar levels.

Confused? See White Bread comes from the family Foods that are made from highly processed grains which can cause high fluctuation in the sugar level or can increase the risk of developing diabetes.

Grilled Meat

Avoid Diabetic Foods

Grilled meats sound tasty, but that is limited only up to your taste buds, beyond that, it’s unhealthy for your diabetic diet. This is mainly because grilled meats are high in advanced glycation which damages cell receptors and causes insulin resistance which is the main cause behind the development of type-2 diabetes.

Shortening Diabetic Foods

Diabetic Foods

According to the diabetes association, things like Red Meat, Dairy Products, and palm oil should be consumed in limit. Because the shortening foods are high in saturated fats, and upon consumption beyond limits it will increase the diabetes complications like Heart attack and Stroke. So, next time when you go to the shop to buy hydrogenated oil don’t be fooled by its nutritional value which states that it has 0% Trans fats.

Conclusion in Avoiding Diabetic Foods:

So, by reading the above story we came to the point that adopting the effective modifications especially in our dietary pattern will lead to balance our diabetic life. And it’s mandatory to Stay on Track with your diabetes level, avoid the above foods as much as you can to build your diabetes life full of joy and confidence.

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