COVID-19 and Diabetes: Why You Need to Worry About It

COVID-19 and Diabetes

COVID-19 and Diabetes: Today we are going to start this article with an epidemic that has killed many people so far, you must have understood our indication from the word epidemic. Yes we are talking about Novel Coronavirus which is also known as COVID-19. This is such a dangerous virus that directly hijacks human cells and damages the whole respiratory system of our body and by now it has taken many lives. Now you must be thinking that what is the relation between coronavirus and diabetes? Why we are giving Stress to it?

Well, we start from a simple thing that having diabetes will have adverse impact on our overall health. Its not that people having diabetes are not more vulnerable to catch COVID 19. But if they do, they will have severe COVID-19 complications than normal people. And why we are saying this just scroll our article below:

What Study Suggests about COVID-19 over Diabetes:

Earlier Studies have shown that about 1/4th of people out of total are hospitalized due to COVID-19are diabetic. Those who are having diabetic having greater risk of mortality in comparison to the normal ones. This is mainly because of diabetes weakens our immune system and makes impossible it to Fight with COVID-19.

Well Let’s Take a look to the Recent Study Graphs:

So, in the Above Representation you can guess that if people suffering from diabetes and they get Coronavirus then how deadly it will be for them. The above graph suggest than the severity level of Diabetic Patients varies from adults to senior citizens although both have higher amount of high amount of COVID-19 severity but the senior citizens are much more close to mortality.

On the other hand we are going to show you other representation which states that how diabetes situation can be worsen if combines with COVID-19.

We’ll explain You How COVID-19 and Diabetes had Cause Morbidities:

coronavirus Death Data of Diabetes

What Are Precautions For Covid-19 If We Are Diabetic?

That’s Straightaway Simple, You should follow the WHO Guidelines. Apart from following these Guidelines you should also Get Vaccinated at earliest in order to reduce the severity of Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, and why we are giving more stress to it because this will not only reduce the impact of coronavirus but will also eliminate the possibility of death due to it.

So, Now The Question Arises That How To We Can Break This Relationship Of COVID-19 And Diabetes?

For COVID-19 and Diabetes we need first watch out the complications of diabetes and their severity level. Apart for them it’s mandatory for a diabetic patients to check their glucose level regularly.

Let’s get little deep into it and extract every these remedy one by one.

1. Watch your Diabetic Level

It’s a vital step for a Diabetic patients if they want really break the relationship between COVID-19 and Diabetes. Why we have included this in the above section because this give you a brief idea about the blood sugar levels due to which you can follow your proper diet.

2. Go For Ayurveda Remedies

In this pandemic, if you are a diabetic patients and you catch Coronavirus then you have to fight with two conditions. In this scenario, Diabetes medicine which are already high in Mg may be harmful if taken along with COVID-19 treatment.

So, it is recommended for to adopt Ayurveda Remedy which is free from any side effect and does not interfere with current treatment.

Ayurveda benefits in Diabetes and COVID-19

(1) Ayurveda is good friend of Immune system, it provides the vital ingredients which helps in building strong Immunity in Diabetes as well in COVID-19.

(2) The Ayurveda benefits is not limited to the immunity, but it’s vast beyond our imaginations. Recent Ayurveda Study conducted on Covid-19 suggest that the Ayurvedic Herb Mulethi, is found to be the effective in treating Covid-19.

(3) Ayurveda is 100% Natural which improves the digestion and appetite which is required to get rid of COVID-19 and helpful in other health conditions as well.

(4) Ayurveda Medicine has variety of herbs ingredient which helps in flushing out toxins from the body and also enhances the blood flow in the body.

(5) Ayurveda Products consumption will also decreases the deficiency of Vitamins and Proteins in our Body.

By reading the above points of Ayurveda you can imagine that how much valuable Ayurveda is for you daily lifestyle improvement and now you must be wondering that which Ayurveda treatment would I Take. Well we have answer to that.

a) Smartveda Kadwa Amrit

Kadwa Amrit is Anti-Inflammatory and made up with anti-diabetic herbal extract and manages the blood sugar level effectively along with it boost the immunity which is highly required to defeat SARS-CoV-2 Novel Coronavirus.

In a Brief Note, Ayurveda Product are effective in Treating Diabetes if you are diabetic it is mandatory for you to follow a proper healthy diet.

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3. Proning and Other Breathing Exercises:

Recent Studies, shows that breathing exercise improves the functions of lungs which is beneficial at the time when you are fighting with Covid-19 and ,Proning Exercise is one of them. You can also try other breathing exercise such as Anulom Vilom Pranayama.

It’s also recommended by the experts that you should follow some dietary measures in order to strengthen your immunity which is very important Factor in diabetes and also helps you in treating COVID-19. Now if you don’t know the dietary measure then you should read our Article about “Are You Drinking Enough Water?” under which have discussed about the importance significance of Water in Diabetes.

What should you do If you Feel Sick or Experience COVID-19 Symptoms:

We know how worse that painful blow will be for you because you are already battling diabetes and eventually you have started developing symptoms of COVID-19. If that’s the case then don’t panic as it will lead to unnecessary stress. Instead, you should call the medical health facility and get you test done at earliest to avoid further complications.

Last Thoughts:

We always keep you updated with health related suggestions, especially in the case of diabetes. Because diabetes has engulfed half the world and now Coronavirus. So if you have diabetes then it is very important for you that you adopt ways to prevent SARS-CoV-2 Novel Coronavirus and get the vaccine as soon as possible so that corona can be stopped.

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