Top 7 Ayurveda Herbs to Control Diabetes

Ayurvedic Herbs to control diabetes

You probably don’t know much about the Ayurveda Treatments of Diabetes and their effectiveness in treating diabetes, Don’t worry we’re going to cover up everything in this topic in which we are going to talk you about the top Ayurveda Herbs which control diabetes and also it will reduce the impact complications caused by it.

How Do Herbs Act As Vaccines For Diabetics?

Now before you think in broad way, we’re going to make you clear that why herb is known to be part of vaccine family, this is mainly because herb not only keeps our body completely healthy but also provides the power to fight against many diseases which we is known as Immunity. Which we get from a vaccine as well as there are countless benefits of herbs in Ayurveda. Because our mission is to make you free from diabetes so, today we will talk about such herbs which are very beneficial for the people of diabetes.

Still Not Understood? Well we explain this to you in a simple stats shown below:


As shown in the above representation the overall stats states that the how herbs are beneficial for diabetes irrespective to their ages. Lets discuss some important herbs which helps in controlling diabetes at par level. As study suggest that having that special herbs is beneficial for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes people.

Here are some Herbs which we are going to discuss one by one:


Neem to Control Diabetes Type 1:

So First and the formost herb is the Neem. Why neem is in the first place there’s a reason behind it. This herb is much beneficial for the respiratory system of our body. Moreover Neem is beneficial for using Ulcers, Skin and Eye Disorders. It also termed to be benficial in improving the digestion of our body by killing the harmful bacteria.

Chrirayata Swertia:

Often known as Chirata and Swertia in Scinetific terms. The Chrirayata Swertia if consumed on daily basis it will flush out the toxins from the body. This herb is know to be beneficial in diabetes patients who have worse complications like anemia because this herb develops more blood in the body also it reduces the skin problems in diabetic patients such as rashes, burning sensations, pimples etc.


In the recent studies conducted for diabetic people the giloy herb is know to be beneficial for lowering the diabetes level also the giloy herb is anti-inflammatory. That is why in the recent Covid-19 Pandemic many health experts in Field of ayurveda recommends Giloy Juice to the one who got infected with COVID-19.

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Gorak Mundi:

Gorak Mundi is the another vital herb for diabetes patients, The use of Gorak Mundi reduces the chances of getting the Acute Respiratory Syndrome upto 50%. On the other hand Gorak Mundi stops the abdominal disease in diabetes patients. Studies have also shown that Gorak Mundi prevents you from getting harmful respiratory disease like tuberculosis.


Also Known as Carom Seeds provides instant relief from constipation and indigestion. Ajwain also fights from the artharitis which is commonly seen in the diabetes people. In the past decades the numerous health benefits being reported by diabetic people after the consumption of Ajwain. For them Ajwain Lowers down their blood sugar level along with the skin infections and thus, control diabetes.


Fennel is also considered an important herb to reduce the amount of blood sugar in our body, which is also recommended by the medical practitioner. An antioxidant called phytochemicals is found in fennel, which is beneficial in diabetes and other diseases caused by it, as well as fennel is high in fibre, which increases our digestion capacity because the digestive capacity starts decreasing with age in diabetic patients.

Red Chandan:

Lastly, Red Chandan often known as Pterocarpus santalinus contain some anti-diabetic properties that helps to reduce diabetes in an effective way. Other than diabetes control Red Chandan also known to treat the diabetes complications such as wound skin, Eczema, Abdominal Pain and much more. Moreover Red Sandalwood is used as traditional diabetic medicine as it’s anti-inflammatory, anthelmintic, anti-hyperglycaemic and diaphoretic. After reading the all the benefits of these essential herbs which are helpful in treating diabetes. You must be wondering whether you can have all these herbs in one mix which would control your diabetes to a greater extent. For that we have something for you. Yes, “Kadwa Amrit” is one such anti-diabetes remedy that is made from a mixture of all these herbs. Here’s some graphical representation of it.


Figure 1 Above diagrams shows the Kadwa Amrit with its Herb Properties You Can Checkout more about it below:

Conclusion To Control Diabetes:

You must have understood by reading our article how important it is for a diabetic person to consume Ayurveda herbs. So if you have diabetes or you want to prevent yourself from developing diabetes, then consume these herbs from today or consume kadwa Amrit which is a mixture of these herbs.

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