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100% Raw, Natural and Healthy way to Sweeten your Food

Smartveda’s Jamun Honey is full of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties that detoxify kidneys and boost overall immunity. It is extracted from aromatic Jamun flowers in the orchards situated in the upper regions of Uttarakhand. It has low glycemic index and hence is suitable for consumption by diabetic people.
100% Raw & Natural
0% Artificial Sugar
Unheated & Unprocessed
Smartveda Jamun Honey is sourced from the best Jamun farms in Uttarakhand. It has a great effect in eliminating root causes for toxicity and also helps in managing blood-sugar levels in a healthy way.

Healthier choice than sugar for diabetes.

Being a natural sweetener, raw & unprocessed, Jamun honey is a healthy sugar substitute. It doesn’t cause a spike in sugar levels & thus is perfectly safe to consume for people with diabetes.

Boost metabolism and aid weight-loss.

Jamun honey improves digestion & thus boosts body metabolism. Being low in calories & high in fiber promotes weight loss.

Improve Heart & Skin Health.

It controls cholesterol levels and improves blood circulation, maintaining good heart health. Having vitamin C and other minerals brings a radiant glow to the skin.
What it Does?
Jamun honey has antiseptic properties making it gut friendly and its prebiotic and antacid effects make it potent for alleviating indigestion, gastritis, and stomach ulcers. Apart from this, it is rich in antioxidants that are extremely beneficial for the body.
This honey is made from Jamun flowers which inculcate its anti-diabetic properties in this honey. This does wonder for our blood sugar and the enhanced digestion also helps in this cause. It also manages weight at healthy levels.
Being rich in antiseptic properties and antioxidants, the Jamun honey helps to alleviate skin-related issues after regular consumption. Apart from this, a diluted Jamun honey face pack is incredibly beneficial.
Besides keeping heart-related problems such as high blood pressure at bay, it prevents cardiac arrest as well, hence providing 360 protection to the heart.
Why Jamun Honey?
Diabetes Management
It boosts insulin activity whilst easing the symptoms of diabetes, halting your search for a sugar substitute doubling as an anti-diabetic agent.
Aids Digestion
A natural sweetener that also helps your digestion as it fights flatulence, constipation & bloating while preventing many gastrointestinal ailments.
Best for Heart
It rejuvenates your heart by averting issues like high blood pressure and stroke, hence, providing overall protection to your heart.
Improves Libido
A potent aphrodisiac that stimulates hormones while reducing stress and anxiety, thus, improving sexual health and supporting fertility.
Weight Loss
Being high in fibre with low calorific value makes it ideal for a weight loss diet and the perfect solution to boost the metabolism of your body.
Helps in Anemia
It is loaded with Vitamin C and Iron that increases Hemoglobin level to carry oxygen through the blood that helps your body to fight anaemia.
100% Ayurvedic Product
If you're not satisfied with our product, simply contact us and we'll give you a full, 100% hassle-free refund.
Ways to Use
Put in the finished dessert and enjoy the earthy and bittersweet flavor.
Stir in milk and drink before sleeping. It works as a tranquilizer and a stress reliever.
Stir it in warm water and drink on an empty stomach to meet your fat loss goals.
Note:- Do not cook jamun honey on high flame
Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jamun Honey safe for Diabetes ?

A) Smartveda’s Jamun Honey does not contain any artificial sugar, nor it contains artificial flavours. This is best suited for diabetic people who wish to control their blood sugar levels and enhance insulin activity and sensitivity.

Is this honey pure ? Does it come from Organic source ?

A) Yes, Smartveda’s Jamun Honey is 100% raw bee honey; A pure honey made by bees from jamun flower nector obtained from the traditional beekeepers of Uttarakhand mountains with years of knowledge, thus ensuring zero adulteration.

Can Jamun Honey be used for losing fat ?

A) Undeniably the combination of Jamun Honey with lukewarm water and a few drops of fresh lemon juice offers a range of health benefits like kickstarting your metabolism, improving digestion and most importantly, burning fat effectively. Consume this empty stomach in the morning to lose weight.
What are the different ways I can use Jamun Honey ?
A) You can consume Smartveda’s Jamun Honey as a convenient replacement with artificial sugar and enjoying it with your tea, milk and shakes. Add it to breakfast and for dressing salads. You can spread it on waffles, toasts and pancakes. Make sure that the temprature of hot beverages is not too high before you add the honey.
What is the best way to store Jamun Honey ?
A) Keep honey in the original glass jar it comes in. You should store it in room temperature. Make sure that the lid is tightly sealed as honey absorbs moisture and odors. Also make sure to avoid leaving it in overly hot temperature or under direct sunlight.
Is Jamun Honey good for face & skin ?
A) Jamun Honey detoxifies and purifies the blood and hence makes the skin glow from inside. Since Jamun Honey also contains a high vitamin C and A index, thus it helps treat common skin problems like acne, open pores, pigmentation and scars.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sachin Prakash
Pure Jamun Honey

I am having this honey daily from last 6 months, Although I have tried several brands for Jamun Honey, But this one is the best!

Arun Kumar Mishra

Jamun Honey

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