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With each passing year, global warming is on the rise. Numerous placess across the globe are experiencing record-breaking tempartures during summer season. In such a situation, everyone wants to keep their mind and body cool and comfortable. Ayurveda suggests thandai as the ideal summer cooler. It is a delightful summer beverage that can surely beat sugary carbonated beveraged any day! Numerous dry fruits, seeds and herbs are used to make ayurvedic thandai, and these provide us with vital nutrients to beat the summer heat.  

Ayurvedic Thandai

Ayurvedic Thandai & Mythology


‘The Great Night of Shiva’, commonly known as Maha Shivratri is the one of the highlights in Indian festivities. This auspicious day of Maha Shivaratri celebrated with the famous dry fruit and saffron flavoured milk known as Thandai. It is traditional beverage that is prepared as an offering to Lord Shiva. Ayurvedic thandai is refreshing and simply delicious. Dry fruits, seeds and herbs like – Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios, Melon seeds, Cardamom, Watermelon seeds are used to make this delicious beverage. The Saffron used, lends a delightful flavour and colour tone to this beverage. During the rituals, it is served alongside flower petals to further enhance the aroma.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Thandai


Cooling energy for summers – Ayurvedic thandai is completely natural and made using potent herbs and dry fruits. It is a nutritious and delicious solution to the hot summer season that comes every year. Thandai provides the required boost in energy and gives a cooling effect to the body. 

Rich in antioxidants – Numerous ingredients used in Ayurvedic thandai have abundance of antioxidants. Moreover, they aid in better digestion, improved skin health, and even boost of memory.

Great for skin, hair, and nails – Ayurvedic thandai is a power-packed nourishing drink with immeasurable benefits. It adds glow to the face and improves the overall skin health. It is also good for healthy hair and nails.

Immunity booster – Ingredients like watermelon seeds, melon seeds, almonds, cashews and other boost the overall immunity.

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Smartveda Thandai: The Source of Delight


Smartveda Thandai is a well-balanced beverage made of pure and natural components and is the ideal summer cooler! Moreover, the use of Desi Khand instead of processed sugar makes Ayurvedic thandai unique and even more delicious. 

Following are the ingredients that add to its magic:

Kaju – Provides essential fats, energy and promotes good cholesterol

Badam – Abundant in Vitamin E, Potassium, and Magnesium 

Pista – Good source of dietary fiber, controls diabetes, and rich in antioxidants

Khus Khus – anti-inflammatory, improves digestion and promotes good sleep

Watermelon seeds – Improves cardio-vascular health, good for skin, improves fertility levels in men

Muskmelon seeds – Improves digestion, lowers blood pressure improves immunity levels

Saunf – Improves digestion, improves skin health, helps purify blood and regulate blood pressure

Elaichi – Known for its anti-microbial properties that help in diabetes and ulcer prevention. Also provides a cooling effect

Kali Mirch – Improves metabolism, facilitates weight loss and increases nutrient absorption

Haldi – Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and source of numerous vital nutrients

Kesar – The abundance of antioxidants prove to be beneficial for skin, mood, and the overall immunity

All nuts and seeds provide an added crunch to the beverage which make the drinking experience memorable and addictive. All these essential ingredients, mixed with cold milk, replenish energy levels. Thandai helps us deal with the high temperatures during summer season. We recommend adding 20 g Smartveda thandai in 200 ml chilled milk. Serve cold and feel the amazing taste of this delightful beverage. 



The Indian sub-continent has always been hot during summer, for which thandai has been a lifesaver. The use of potent herbs, seeds and dry fruits make the overall drinking experience really good. The taste is great and it comes with so many health benefits. Therefore, Ayurvedic thandai is the ideal beverage to deal with the summer heat. 



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