Diabetes Prevention: Stop it before it comes to You

Diabetes Prevention health

Have you’ve heard that line that prevention is better than cure? But have you’ve implemented that in the case of diabetes health? We don’t think you have. That’s what we recommend in our today’s Diabetes Prevention article! Which will guide you about “how you can Prevent Yourself from Getting Diabetes Before it starts”

As we all know that Diabetes is the serious condition that once it occurs, it becomes irreversible. Diabetes brings lots of disease along with. Diabetes affected more than 75 million people in India. If you are not one of those people, then congratulations you can prevent yourself from Getting Diabetes in future so stay tuned for that.

Is Diabetes Prevention Related to your Diet?


Yes, you’ve heard right. Diabetes is directly related to your daily working habits and you diets. The well you eat and work the well your health will be. Isn’t it that simple? Well we’ll make it simpler by providing you the simple steps which you can implement in your daily lifestyle thus, you can prevent yourself from Getting Diabetes in future.

Here are some steps to Avoid Getting Diabetes:

Do some regular Physical Activity for Diabetes Prevention:

Start with Simplicity, Doing Physical activity or walking about 25 minutes a day will reduce the risk of getting diabetes up to 70%. Because performing physical activity reduces cholesterol and improves heart rate as well as it Burns the calories which is a real culprit of diabetes. The lower your calories, the better your diabetes will be under control.

Healthy Food Diet:

In today’s comfortable life, Unhygienic diet is also the main reason for diabetes, so it is very important for us to watch out for the nutritional benefits of the food we are going to eat. For Instance let’s take an Example of A and B. Mr. A eats Junk Food will have lesser benefits in comparison of Mr. B who eats Healthy Food, Not Understood? Let’s understand it from a pie chart representation given below:

From the above Representation you can have a brief idea that the junk foods have lesser nutritional benefits in comparison to the Healthy foods. So it is important to follow the healthy diet if you want to prevent yourself from getting diabetes.

Avoid Mental Stress for Diabetes Prevention:

Mental Stress is also an important cause of diabetes. According to the latest research conducted by the mental health specialist, about 1/3 of the people in the world suffer from mental stress, Depression are vulnerable to catch diabetes. So, you cannot ignore mental health at cost especially when it’s the case of diabetes Prevention.

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Stop Consuming Alcohol:

Consuming anything beyond its limit will eventually lead your health to the worst case scenario? Isn’t it? That’s what the Alcohol is about it’s your worst enemy in terms of health, still people consume it without knowing its worse complications over time. Consuming Alcohol increases your risk of cardiovascular disease and promotes hypertension which is not a good sign for your body’s health and as a result you expose yourself with diabetes.

Avoid Smoking:

Unlike alcohol, the smoking has same adverse effects, it contains tobacco which primarily increases the risk of cancer, damages lungs, and mostly smoking is harmful for heart disease which is common factor of catching diabetes. So it’s our recommendation to quit smoking from now on in order to avoid getting trapped in the loophole of diabetes.

Maintain Weight:

You have to Maintain Weight, it’s pretty simple and straightforward in diabetes. We’ll tell you why. Your weight is directly related to your diabetes, if your weight is outside the limit then you are at increased risk of developing diabetes. Because obesity or overweight increases the amount of cholesterol in your blood, which is a factor or in fact plays an important role in developing diabetes.

Diabetes Prevention Conclusion:

So, Our Recommendation is to follow the above steps for diabetes prevention before it gets too late. Diabetes is a Lifelong illness. It is a slow poison for your body, which gradually spoils your body and its ability, so it is very important for us that we take care of our body with body and mind.

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