Can Jaggery be eaten in Diabetes?

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Jaggery is a type of sugar made from unrefined cane sugar. Fitness enthusiasts often use it as a healthy alternative to white sugar. However, jaggery has a high sugar content and can cause a spike in blood sugar levels. Therefore, we do not recommend it for people with diabetes. There are other healthy substitutes for sugar that are safe for you, such as Jamun Honey and Desi Khand. In this article, we will discuss Can Jaggery be eaten in Diabetes?


Why what you eat is so crucial if you have diabetes?

 According to Ayurveda, Diabetes is a metabolic disease that is the result of excessive energy intake and a lack of appropriate energy expenditure. 

Thus, eating foods that are having high-calorie count and a high glycemic index is not good for you.

These foods include –

  • white sugar, brown sugar
  • jaggery
  • sugary soft drinks & foods
  • white bread
  • potatoes
  • white rice

Your diet is one of the primary factors in dealing with diabetes & you should take this with utmost sincerity.


Busting the misconception about jaggery among people having diabetes

Can Jaggery be eaten in Diabetes?

A sweetener made from sugarcane juice and date palm sap, jaggery has been used as a traditional sugar in South Asia for centuries. I understand that you often experience sweet cravings. And while sugar is out of the limit, you may look for alternatives, one of which is jaggery. Believed to be a healthier alternative to sugar, jaggery indeed has many advantages.

But is it a healthy choice for people with diabetes?

The answer is NO!

Can Jaggery be eaten in Diabetes?

Here’s what you need to know about jaggery and diabetes:

Jaggery is high in sugar. It contains about 95gm of sugar per 100gm of jaggery. That’s more than the amount of sugar in a candy bar!

Jaggery also has a high calorie count. Just one teaspoon of jaggery contains about 20 calories. That means it’s not good if you have diabetes or trying to lose weight.

Jaggery has a high glycemic index. That means it can cause your blood sugar to spike quickly after eating it.

 Many people with diabetes are under the impression that sugar substitutes such as jaggery act as safe substitutes for sugar, but this is a myth. It is a good alternative to sugar for someone not suffering from diabetes.


Healthy substitutes for sweetening

 Jamun Honey

Jamun honey is a type of honey with low calories and a high concentration of fibre, phytochemicals, and vitamin C. It is a healthy substitute for sweetening if you have diabetes. Jamun honey is better due to the synergetic effects of both ingredients Jamun and Honey has proven to reduce sugar concentrations in people. Unlike sugar, which can cause spikes in blood sugar levels, Jamun honey has the opposite effect. It has a lower glycemic index than jaggery & sugar. This makes it a good choice for people with diabetes looking to sweeten their dishes.

 Desi Khaand

 Desi Khand, also known as muscovado sugar, is an unrefined sugar that is produced by the pressed sugarcane juice mixed with lime and cooked to allow the liquid to evaporate.

It is less sweet than jaggery powder and contains medical benefits for people with diabetes. It is rich in nutrients and contains calcium, magnesium, iron, and other minerals.

 Stevia tablets

Stevia is an antioxidant and low-calorie sweetener that also has anti-diabetic properties. It is one of the several natural sweeteners that you can integrate into your diet to keep your blood glucose levels in check. Stevia also promotes cardiovascular health. But you should consume it in moderation as too much Stevia may cause gas, nausea & inflammation in the liver and kidney.


In conclusion, jaggery is not a safe option if you are suffering from diabetes. It has a high-calorie count and a high glycemic index. Jamun honey, Desi Khaand, and stevia tablets are far better healthy substitutes. If you are looking for a healthy alternative to sugar, these are all great options.

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