About Smartveda.

Experience Your True Self
With Ayurveda.


Smartveda is on a Mission to Guide and Help you to Experience your True Self through the knowledge of Ayurveda. To achieve optimal Experience we focus on three Practices :

Smartveda Formulation

Property Ayurvedic Formations

Smartveda Knowledge

Ayurvedic Knowledge

Smart Treatment

Ayurvedic Focused Treatments

Our Philosophy

We believe in a balance between Body, Mind and Spirit to achieve Holistic Well-being and Longevity, so that we Experience our self being to the maximum and enhance our living experiences through Ayurveda.

Smartveda comes from Dev Bhumi
We are Born in Uttarakhand
( Dev Bhumi ) For the World.

Why Smartveda?

The Vedic knowledge about wellbeing of body, mind , spirit originating roughly around 3000 years ago in India , inspires us to take the knowledge to the world  for the betterment of humanity. We have set out to create a modern ayurvedic brand that is based on 100% Vedic principle yet has a global outlook. This reflects in every product and practice we share.

The Founder

The Founder's Note

While I am personally engaged in this journey of discovering & experiencing my true self. I am very excited and thrilled to share my findings with you all.

I can assure you, Me and my Team are working day and night to get you the best of Ayurveda.

Siddhart Raj Nagar

Founder & CEO

Smartveda Knowledge