Are Medicines A Loner Good Approach To Manage Diabetes?


Diabetes is a Lifestyle disorder due to which the body does not produce or use insulin effectively. It is not curable no matter if you are taking Anti-Diabetic medicines but is reversible and even avoidable in pre-diabetics.

The treatment includes exercise diet regulation, other Lifestyle modification along with the medications. The main aim of diabetes treatment through ‘medication and medication alone’ in the super fast and growing world is to return blood sugar level to a self threshold and help a person with diabetes to resume daily functions.

Dependent on Pills or medicines?

Diabetes Medicines

Weight loss, workouts, diet regulation, stress management are all at stake and the main focus now has remained on eating pills and checking blood glucose levels before and after eating food thrice a day!. Do you feel this alone should be the approach to deal with such a chronic disease which comes along with the plethora of diseases including increased Blood Pressure, obesity, heart disease and diabetes related complications?

Medications are important. Yes! No doubt in this context but, are Medicines the ultimate solution to control or reverse diabetes? How long and without any complication do you think you should survive while depending only on the medicines?

Are Medicines is a Cure or Just a Life Support?


Diabetes Medicines

A lot of patients with normal blood glucose Level complain of numbness, pain, tingling, Blurred vision and even of sexual problems. Why? The problem here are “medicines” that manages the blood glucose level well but the minute medicines are avoided even for a day, the blood turns into ‘Sweet Poison’.

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Conclusion –

Complications cannot be avoided with just the gulping down of medicines and suppressing the problem.

A healthy diet and regular exercise are the basic yet powerful steps to manage type 2 diabetes. Weight loss is the core of treatment for people with diabetes. If we concentrate more on becoming an overall healthy individual rather than caring just for a single disease the disease subsides itself. A moderate – to – vigorous exercise of at least 30 mins on 5 days a week along with a healthy diet with Limited carbohydrates and fibre rich food along with models weight loss can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetic complication were 90%.

No full cure is available for diabetes, but medicines are not the solution. They are very good for suppressing the problem. But exercising a good diet plan, stress management along with other Lifestyle modifications promise to reverse diabetes and give you a happy and healthy life.

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