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Shudh Shilajit

Get your Youthful Vigour back with Shilajit Feel the difference! See the results! or Money Back Guarantee Our Shudh Shilajit

Smartveda Smart Pack – Combo (FREE TRIPHALA!)

1,998.00 (Inc of all taxes.)
Now grab Smartveda Smart Pack in which you get smartveda lifestyle products aka Kadwa Amrit and Prash Amrit Amrit Chyawanprash. The most natural approach for the Diabetes & Organ vitality that improves the overall Immunity along with Triphala Absolutely Free!.


366.00499.00 (Inc of all taxes.)

TRIPHALA helps flush out the gastro-intestinal toxins and supports a full body detoxification.

Taking Gut Clean daily supports:

✓ Healthy Digestion✝︎                ✓ Waste Elimination✝︎

✓ Reduced Bloating✝︎                ✓ Hunger Regulation✝︎

✓ Overall Gut Health✝︎


366.00499.00 (Inc of all taxes.)

Smartveda Jamun Honey does not contain any artificial sugar, nor it contains artificial flavours. This is best suited for people having diabetes disease.

  • Diabetes Management : Jamun & honey together a potent remedy to deplete the blood sugar levels.
  • Checks Heart Health: Prevents cardiac arrest.
  • Weight Loss: Low calorie and high fiber source.
  • Aids Digestion and Helps Fight flatulence, constipation Fs bloating.
  • Improves Libido :  Stimulates the production of testosterone in males while reducing mental stress and anxiety  issues and thus improving the sexual health.
  • Good For Skin Disorders: Contains properties of Vitamin C and minerals.
  • Also Helps in Anemia

Kadwa Amrit

732.00999.00 (Inc of all taxes.)

Kadwa Amrit is the perfect anti-diabetic formula. It has strong effect on the way the body of a diabetic interacts with sugar and how it alters the sensitivity of glucose.

Tejas Amrit

433.00599.00 (Inc of all taxes.)
Say Goodbye to your Belly Fat! Feel the difference! See the results! or Money Back Guarantee A warming blend of

Smartveda Diabetes Combo

Smartveda Diabetes Combo features in:
  • Facilitates pancreatic activity and Reverse Diabetes.
  • Promotes longevity via vitalizing the organs while reversing Diabetes.
  • Promotes Dosha balance is holistic in context to promoting overall health.
  • Flushes out toxins that accumulate in the body on daily basis.
  • Blood Purifier.

Dybit Amrit

999.00 (Inc of all taxes.)
Best Diabetic Treatment in a Natural way Feel the difference! See the results! or Money Back Guarantee  5/5 Dybit


799.00999.00 (Inc of all taxes.)
A perfect blend of traditional herbs and minerals to rejuvenate your brain and body.
  • Prash Amrit Chyawanprash promotes healthy ageing by nourishing brain cells, aiding in blood purification.
  • It relieves cough and asthma, and replenishing lost strength and stamina.
  • It is made up of recommended anti-diabetic herbs extracts to revitalize the body growth that has been obstructed by the arise of Diabetes condition.

Wild Forest Honey

599.00 (Inc of all taxes.)
100% Pure & Natural Honey from the Upper Himalayas Feel the difference! See the results! or Money Back Guarantee Smartveda’s