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Your True Self

With Premium Functional Ayurveda


Diabetes Management

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Dybit Amrit

999.00 (Inc of all taxes.)
Best Diabetic Treatment in a Natural way Feel the difference! See the results! or Money Back Guarantee  5/5 Dybit


Smartveda Jamun Honey does not contain any artificial sugar, nor it contains artificial flavours. This is best suited for people having diabetes disease.

  • Diabetes Management : Jamun & honey together a potent remedy to deplete the blood sugar levels.
  • Checks Heart Health: Prevents cardiac arrest.
  • Weight Loss: Low calorie and high fiber source.
  • Aids Digestion and Helps Fight flatulence, constipation Fs bloating.
  • Improves Libido :  Stimulates the production of testosterone in males while reducing mental stress and anxiety  issues and thus improving the sexual health.
  • Good For Skin Disorders: Contains properties of Vitamin C and minerals.
  • Also Helps in Anemia

Kadwa Amrit

Kadwa Amrit is the perfect anti-diabetic formula. It has strong effect on the way the body of a diabetic interacts with sugar and how it alters the sensitivity of glucose.


A perfect blend of traditional herbs and minerals to rejuvenate your brain and body.
  • Prash Amrit Chyawanprash promotes healthy ageing by nourishing brain cells, aiding in blood purification.
  • It relieves cough and asthma, and replenishing lost strength and stamina.
  • It is made up of recommended anti-diabetic herbs extracts to revitalize the body growth that has been obstructed by the arise of Diabetes condition.

Smartveda Diabetes Combo

Smartveda Diabetes Combo features in:
  • Facilitates pancreatic activity and Reverse Diabetes.
  • Promotes longevity via vitalizing the organs while reversing Diabetes.
  • Promotes Dosha balance is holistic in context to promoting overall health.
  • Flushes out toxins that accumulate in the body on daily basis.
  • Blood Purifier.

The Smartveda Guarantee®

We are a lifestyle and disease management company that combines proven concepts of The Vedas with modern science and technology to bring to you a holistic range of best-in-class Ayurvedic products that have healing abilities.
  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • Smarter Formulations
  • Result Oriented Approach
  • Backed by Science
Smartveda Guarantee

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Shudh Shilajit

Get your Youthful Vigour back with Shilajit Feel the difference! See the results! or Money Back Guarantee  5/5 Our

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