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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Check the Purity of Shilajit

Check the purity of shilajit

From defying aging to boosting strength, shilajit’s extraordinary properties have captured the attention of countless seekers. As more people discover its wonders, the demand for shilajit is increasing. However, with the rising demand, the availability of authentic shilajit products is decreasing. As they say not all that glitters is gold (black gold in this case). As it is a rare and difficult-to-obtain substance found only in specific places. Due to its potency and
popularity, many fake shilajit products flood the market. But don’t worry! We will help you navigate the treacherous realm of shilajit imitations and learn to identify the purity of shilajit from the comfort of your home.

Room Temperature Test: Behavior under normal conditions

Temperature test of Shilajit

One way to assess the purity of shilajit is through a temperature test. Take a small quantity of shilajit and place it at room temperature. Authentic shilajit will soften under the warmth and if it is in liquefied form it will have a flowing consistency and somewhat sticky texture. You should check for over rigidity at normal temperature and slightly warm temperatures. If it shows sign of rigidity in liquid form it is not the best product for you.

Solubility Test: Dissolving the Doubts

Solubility test of shilajit


Another reliable method to test shilajit’s purity is the solubility test. Take a small piece of shilajit and add it to a glass of warm water or milk. Authentic shilajit, known for its high solubility, will completely dissolve within a few minutes. As it dissolves, it imparts a golden or reddish color to the liquid. However, if the shilajit fails to dissolve or leaves behind a sandy or gritty texture while drinking, it indicates the presence of impurities or adulteration.

Color Test: Absorbing the Authentic Hues

Colour test of shilajit


The color test provides valuable insights into the authenticity of shilajit. Genuine shilajit typically exhibits a dark brown to blackish color, with occasional streaks of reddish or golden hues. Any shilajit that appears unnaturally bright, showcases inconsistent coloring, or displays unusual shades may indicate impurities or the addition of additives. Keep an eye out for shilajit that retains its characteristic and natural color, a telltale sign of purity.

Flame Test: Fire to ashes

Flame test of shilajit

To conduct this test, take some shilajit and carefully hold it with a spoon or a heat-resistant tool. Ignite a candle or use a blow torch to bring a flame close to the shilajit. Genuine and pure shilajit will not burn like other substances. Instead, it will start to bubble and produce ash when exposed to heat. The bubbling is a result of the natural minerals and organic compounds present in shilajit. This unique reaction confirms the purity of the shilajit, as impurities or adulterants would burn or exhibit different behaviors when subjected to heat.

Smell Test: Revealing the Aromatic Identity

Smell test of Shilajit

One’s olfactory senses can provide clues to the authenticity of shilajit. Pure shilajit possesses a distinctive and robust aroma described as herbal, pungent, smoky, and tar-like. To perform the smell test, hold a piece of shilajit a few inches away from your nose and inhale deeply. If the aroma aligns with the characteristic description, it signifies the purity of the shilajit. Conversely, an unusual or weak odor may indicate impurities or a substandard product. Remember, genuine shilajit offers extraordinary benefits, while fake products can be detrimental to your well-being. Prioritize sourcing from trusted vendors and embrace the power of authentic shilajit for a revitalized and enriched life experience.

Where do we get such pure Shilajit?

Smartveda stands as a testament to purity, with our Shilajit passing all parameters with flying colors and setting itself apart in terms of quality. One crucial aspect of ensuring its purity lies in the stringent testing for metal contaminants. It undergoes rigorous screening processes to guarantee that it is free from harmful heavy metals, ensuring the safety of those who consume it. It is refined and purified with authentic Marana process followed by resting the already purified product which fortifies the potent properties to a new level. Additionally, it boasts an impressive quantity of fulvic acid(about 79%), a key component known for its beneficial properties. The high concentration of fulvic acid not only signifies the purity of the product but also enhances its effectiveness, amplifying the potential health benefits that shilajit offers.  It is NABL and ISO certified, hence being the highest standard.


As the demand for this powerful substance rises, so does the risk of encountering counterfeit products. However, armed with knowledge and a few simple tests, you can navigate the market with confidence and ensure the purity of the shilajit you purchase. The above mentioned tests provide valuable insights into the authenticity of shilajit, allowing you to distinguish genuine products from imitations. Additionally, it is crucial to source shilajit from
trusted vendors who prioritize quality and undergo thorough testing for metal contaminants. By selecting pure shilajit and incorporating it into your wellness routine, you can tap into its remarkable properties and embark on a journey of rejuvenation, vitality, and overall well- being. Choose authenticity, choose purity, and embrace the transformative power of genuine shilajit.

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